Ship Manning Resources

Deliver Only Excellence

Everywhere we go and everyone we work with, we will looking to deliver only excellence. That, at its very core, is what makes up BS Global Seafarer Recruitment Ltd.

BS Global Seafarer Recruitment Ltd. boasts a wide variety and catalog of resources for any shipping company to make use of. Our team of experts has spent decades building up the much-needed expertise in order to create a diverse set of skills capable of assisting almost anyone out at sea.


We are dedicated to making sure you receive the best possible service. Our experience with countless other shipping services has allowed us to accumulate the necessary understanding it takes to handle every question and concern of yours seamlessly. We check our crew constantly to make sure that they have the necessary experience to handle any task or problem thrown at them, which is why we have gained a loyal base of clients.


Every single project we have worked on has been met with acclaim and excitement. We do not just focus on solving your problems — we want to go above and beyond to make sure you do not have any problems the next time. When you work with BS Global Seafarers Recruitment Ltd., you may be hiring a team of seafaring enthusiasts, but you are also hiring a team of people dedicated to your safety, satisfaction, and continued happiness.