A Secure Environment For All Stakeholders

BS Global Seafarer Recruitment Ltd. creates a secure environment for our clients and partners through our detailed and comprehensive recruitment process.

We don’t just try to bring in the smartest and most effective employees; we also check for safety and health. Every single one of our employees undergoes proper background checks and is required to follow company security policy for any official company business endeavors.


When recruiting new seamen, we validate and ensure they hold all the appropriate certificates needed to apply for the job. Then, we require them to undergo an application, Structured interview process by a Master or Chief Engineer, skill assessments, and detailed reference check in order to ensure your safety. For higher-ranking officers, we also push for an additional computer skills assessment and more reference checks.


We also check for basic facets such as skilled English writing and speaking abilities, proper attitude, passion for seafaring, and commitment to the profession and their specific job.