Crew Training

Your Journey Begins Here

BGSR is always on the edge for new updates. We are constantly upgrading our Cadet Training programme with modern information and management of instruments through our partnership with overseas networks. This is to guarantee that our cadets are well-equipped to satisfy their career demands, even in the long run.

Behind every victory of accomplished ship management, is a crew of well-equipped individuals on board. Crew Training is the primary opportunity to develop seafarers of character and professionalism. At BSGSR, we are committed to providing reliable mentorship that fully prepares our cadets for a promising career that will last a lifetime.

Our Crew Training is carefully structured to ensure our cadets receive all of the fundamental skills and knowledge that they need. Crew Training learning objectives are divided into various modules. This includes practical training, real-life simulations, in-class lectures from knowledgeable professors, and activities to build interpersonal skills such as teamwork.


We make use of our very own world-class maritime training resources and types of equipment to facilitate real tasks. Every lesson and activity is also closely monitored by our professional instructors to maintain a safe and secure environment for our cadets to learn.