‘GSR Nigeria’ opens new frontier for ‘GSR International’

I always believe that a smart entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who creates an enterprise where earlier opportunities didn’t exist.

This is our real proof of partnership by launching GSR in Nigeria with my dear and reliable friend Sammy Ajayi, who, since 25th August 2020, is the CEO of GSR MARINE SERVICES NIGERIA LTD.

GSR-Nigeria is being managed, run, and operated in Nigeria in partnership with me, Dr Binay Singh, Founder of BS GSR Ltd.

The philosophy of GSR NIGERIA is to make a difference in Nigerian shipping in particular, and global shipping in general, by providing very efficient and cost-effective solutions to Ship Owners and other stakeholders in our shipping industry.
Irrespective of the issues that may arise while your vessel is in Nigeria shores , we know who to contact and what to do, to provide a one stop solution.

GSR NIGERIA has synergy and network, and is in good working relationship with relevant stakeholders and government agencies in Nigeria seaports.

We shall therefore liaise and work closely with all concerned parties for a smooth and fast berthing/sailing operation, while maximising daily outturn and proactively devising methods ensuring the vessel’s turn-around will be the quickest.

The GSR NIGERIA is positioned to represent the Ship Owners/Managers in Nigeria seaports, seaports of Abidjan and Ghana seaports, all in West Africa and we shall attend and superintend their vessels and generally protect their interests.

The GSR NIGERIA is involved in Seafarers recruitment, training and Crew Management, including immigration responsibility for sign-on and sign-off crew.

Shipping is all about Efficiency. The GSR NIGERIA will generally attend to your shipping needs in very efficient and cost-effective manners and generally carry out your instructions to your full satisfaction.

We will always provide report to your office, sharing all the details relating to your vessel and up-to-date information on port conditions and berthing/ discharging/ sailing prospects on a 24-hours basis.

~ Dr Binay Singh, MD – GSR International

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