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BS Global Seafarer Recruitment Ltd. ensures our clients get only the best seafarers to work with. We believe that every client ought to work with great seafarers, and every seafarer ought to be represented regardless of nationality, socioeconomic status, and other demographics. We are ready to equalize the world of seafaring, one ship at a time.



We serve to unify individuals who share our values and are driven for success in the shipping industries. Loyalty, readiness to learn, and authenticity are what we look out for in our people to ensure top-notch services to our clients.



To be internationally recognized as an optimum Maritime Crew provider as well as an ideal leader in Quality Crew management.


We aspire to develop our own class of professional seafarers who are guaranteed with 100% employment around the world.

Global Seafarer Recruitment

GSR – The Human Element Experts

Our life goal is to provide all-inclusive solutions to the seafarers’ community on an international scale and eventually generate contentment in people’s lives through quality shipping.

Business Philosophy

We envision to gain the international title as the first-choice Marine Human Resources partner. We aim to expand the operations and setup more private offices around the around to deliver quality and reliable solutions to all our seafarers and clients. We are proud of our team that works with complete integrity and devotion.


We are on standby 24/7 to serve our seafarers and clients, especially in times of need.


Every single one of the seafarers at BS Global Seafarer Recruitment holds years of experience in the shipping business. We assure that both our clients and seafarers are safe when working together. We vet our partners and employees to create a happy, cautious, and proper working relationship.


We do not just work with any seafarer. We take great care in selecting seafarers equipped with years of experience, recommendations, and enthusiasm. We have assembled a diverse team with multitudes of expertise in different areas of seafaring. BS Global Seafarer Recruitment works with like-minded partners to create a mutually beneficial experience for our clients and seafarers alike.


Our team strives to create a strong and united community of seafarers and Crew Employers to establish proper collaboration and communication. We have been pursuing this mission for over a decade so as to ensure equality and acceptance in all facets of the seafaring industry. We foster a global community to do better, as well as be better.

The GSR Team


Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Binay Kumar Singh is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BS Global Seafarer Recruitment Ltd., along with other notable companies: Limassol, Cyprus, and Singh Marine Management Ltd.


Dr. Singh is an exceptional individual. Not only is he an entrepreneur, but he is also an author and a public speaker. He believes in providing people around the globe with positivity, love, and endless enthusiasm. His faith is emulated by one of his most classic yet indefinite sayings: “Treat people as you like to be treated.”


With a Master of Science in Marine Navigation and a Doctorate of Philosophy, Dr. Singh is a well-known expert in the field of international shipping. Throughout his twenty-plus years of expertise, Dr. Singh has also nobly assured over 7000 seafarers’ employment security in various parts of the world.


Dr. Singh is a proud native of Ukraine. He spent the past 28 years living in Odessa.


Dr. Singh has displayed generous efforts and commitment towards seafarers and their families. In 2017, Dr. Singh won the Most Charismatic personality of the year by Sailor Today. He was also awarded the 18th Sailor Today Sea Shore Awards 2019 for Seafarer Welfare.


Managing Director

Capt. Sandeep Sharma, a 46 year old Indian National, is a Maritime Entrepreneur having exclusive expertise to build and run successful Third Party Ship Management business from inception.


Having served his time at sea as a deck officer in VShips (1992-2002) & Anglo Eastern (2002-2011), he got his command in 2005. In Ship captain’s capacity, he was part of an exclusive sailing team handling LPG tonnage.


For most of his professional life, he has been involved in International Third Party Ship Management companies. His shore experience includes Marine HR handling of a good lurch of LPG, Parcel Chemical, Petrochemical, VLCC, LNG, Crude & Product Tankers in addition to all types of Dry tonnage.


In his various leadership roles spread over a decade, he has handed Company’s interests in India along with the specific legal, Strategic and operational responsibilities. He has been key member of Senior management team & Member of the Board – responsible for actively partnering on various Operational aspects of Ship Management including Global Manning which was serviced through Company. Other aspects included Performance Improvements, Change management initiatives, strengthening Internal / External control systems & processes, maintain internal / External relationships & the collaborative association of such.


His Last professional association was with Wallem India as Director – MHR Operations from June 2014.


Enhancing value by continuously improving the gamut of Manning Services Business & cost structure of the overall Support & Services portfolio, in order to fulfil Company’s Profitability Objectives.


Additionally Capt. Sharma has participated in Extensive Executive Management Training from Harvard Business School & Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, among others.


CEO, GSR – Nigeria

Mr Sammy Ajayi, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University – Nigeria (1980), is a seasoned shipping professional with maritime industry experience of over 30 years. He has been handling dry and wet cargo for bulk, bagged and general cargo vessels in Nigeria seaports as Port Agent, Charterers’ Agent, and Owners’ Protective Agent.


Known for being meticulous and unassuming, with high regard for the value of time, Mr Ajayi responds to matters and enquiries with utmost despatch while paying attention to details; and with integrity, commitment, and empathy for people associated with him.


Leadership & Team

We are a dynamic team of qualified individuals who are committed to providing approachable, proficient, and solution-oriented services to seafarers and clients.

BGSR is highly passionate in serving our global seafarers’ communities. We aim to rank as the leading shipping Crew resource and service provider in the world.


Worldwide Networks

We offer an extensive database of seafarers from various parts of the world. We are always striving to broaden our horizons. New seafarers of any nationality are always welcomed to join our BGSR community.


Our Crew: Philippine, China, Indonesia, Korea, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Egypt, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Egypt , Malaysia & Azerbaijan among others.







Even though we are based in Odessa, Ukraine, this does not limit access to our quality services. We are constantly expanding and building our offices in different regions of the world.

Our internationally dispersed offices serve to provide seafarers and clients around the world with the same value top-notch solutions.



With over three decades in handling all ship models, our team of innovative and committed individuals have been progressing diligently to ensure GSR provides top-notch calibre in everything that we do. Every one of us has been trained for seasons and proven trustworthiness in our line of work.


Our well-qualified officers and crew members are capable of manning all vessels. This includes highly modernized DP – Shuttle Tankers, Dry-Cargo vessels, Cruise Vessels and offshore vessels.


Regardless of diversity in various nationalities, status, and background, we are still all united by the dedication to give our clients the best of our expertise. With a 100% guarantee, we are confident that BGSR is where you would find your solutions to any problems. Remember, we are here to guide you through the high and low tides.


One Set Destination

The purpose of BS Global Seafarer Recruitment is to devote complete and thorough professionalism to strengthen seafarers around the world. We offer and deliver an in-depth array of Crew Management services that are perfectly fitted for each and every vessel Operator’s requirements.


As a company, we uphold the responsibility to empower the seafarers’ community. BGSR is the one set destination you can trust to sustain and improve international shipping industries.







BGSR Group implements intensive discipline for all areas of Crew Management and Crew Training. Through 17 ample years of solid groundwork with our group companies, the Company prides in our consistent success in Crewing operations.


We honour a strong heritage of maintaining strong relationships with all of our partners. We always aim to maximize cooperation and productivity when working with others. Our satisfactory partnership with all our seafarers, clients, New Ship project, operations, and life extension of existing vessels is a demonstration of our commitment to excellence.